A frisbee and 3 or more players are needed.

One person starts with the frisbee and throws it wildly. All players decide whether to get the frisbee or not. Usually, only the closest person will try to get it and the others run away from that person.

Once the person has it, he/she yells to the others that he/she has it and the others freeze in place. They cannot move their feet, but can move all other body parts.

The person with the frisbee is allowed to take three steps in any direction and then throw it at someone. If it hits the target person, then that person loses the use of that limb if it hits an arm or leg or dies if it hits their torso.

The frisbee acts like a "razorblade", "cutting off" the limb or "killing" the person. If the target person catches the frisbee then they can either get a limb back or take one from the thrower.

The target person then may throw it at another person. If a thrower misses, then everyone may run, until someone picks up the frisbee. The last person alive wins.

Contributed by Jeremy - Thank you!