Bom, Bom, Bom


[this version submitted from the south]


There are two sides (teams), doesn't matter how many on each side and it doesn't have to be even. It sort of like Charades, but instead of acting out a word or phrase, you act out occupations.


Each side gets in a "huddle" at their "home base" to decide what occupation they will act out and whichever side is ready first begins. That "team" yells loudly, while "marching" toward the other team, "Bom, Bom, Bom...Here we come...All the way from Washington." 

Then the other team yells, "Where'd you come from?" 

Answer: "Pretty girls' station!" 

The other team yells, "What's your occupation?" 

Answer: "Almost anything!" 

Then the other team yells, "Get to work!" 


The team starts acting out its occupation (such as painters, auto mechanic, etc...) and when the other team guesses correctly, the "acting" team has to run back to its "home base" without any member being tagged by the other team. If they make it, they get to do the acting again.

Contributed by Ginger - Thank you!


[submitted from the north-east]


To begin when there is a group of children, pick two captains and they then

choose their “team”. Each team has a home base. After teams are chosen,

one team is chosen to present the charade. This team then decides what to

do, ie. “wash dishes”; “wash clothes”; “ride a horse”; “going grocery

shopping”; etc. Once this has been done and the actions for the charade

discussed, the teams line up on their home bases facing each other. The

teams then approach each other and the team chosen to begin the game, begins

with the following question:

Team 1: “Here we come.”

Team 2: “Where are you from?”

Team 1: “New Orleans.” (This is the name that we always called the game.)

Team 2: “What’s your trade?”

Team 1: “Ice cream and lemonade.”

(Team 1 then begins the charade and Team 2 tries to guess. The captain of

Team 1 answers the guesses either by saying yes or no or you’re getting

warm, you’re getting closer, you’re going to burn, etc. If the correct

guess is made, Team 2 tries to catch the members of Team 1 before Team 1 can

run back to their home base.)

Contributed by Carol - Thank you!

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