Chinese School

Appropriateness Warning: This game as originally played furthers stereotypes about the Chinese ethnic group.  If you wish to play this game, please be polite and substitute "Serious" for "Chinese"

The teacher stood before the students and said "Chinese (Serious) school has just begun. No more laughing, no more fun. If you show your teeth or tongue, you will have a penalty done." The teacher then preceded to do silly things to make the students laugh. The kids that laughed hard enough that their mouths opened, exposing teeth and/or tongues, had to do whatever the teacher told them to do. For instance, we would run around the house however many times we were told, or hop on one leg maybe around the car, or do so many jumping jacks, etc. It was whatever silly thing the teacher made us do. 

There was really no "winner".

Contributed by Vicki

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