Human Knot

A.K.A. Armbreaker

A.K.A. Doctor Doctor

Players form a close circle. Then everybody reaches out and holds two other people's hands. Now, they must try to untangle the "knot" without letting go. They may have to climb over arms or crawl under arms. It helps to be limber.

Contributed by Sarah - Thank you!


Form the same circle, with one player standing outside the circle, facing away.  While holding hands the circle people turned and twisted and went under and over other players' hands.

Then the group chanted, "Doctor, Doctor, we need help."

The "doctor" had to untangle the circle without causing
anyone to break hands.

Contributed by Debra - Thank you!


It involved all the kids lining up and holding hands in a line. Then one person at the head would hold onto the railings in our schoolyard with their free hand. The person at the other end would weave in and out of everyone's arms and we would all follow until someone let go of the person next to them....or broke their arm!

Contributed by Aimee (United Kingdom) - Thank you!

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