I Spy

A.K.A. I See Something You Don't See

You pick a person for the King Bee, the king bee would pick an object in the car, up ahead close to the road, or on a sign or if we were at home in the room. and they would only tell the color of the object. such as a red cup in the floor. the king bee would say.


Bumble Bee Bumble Bee 

I see something you don't see

and the color of it is red


The other players would start guessing objects that are red until someone figures out what it is.  When the object was guessed correctly the bee with the right answer would

become King Bee for the next round. Then he would pick an object and tell the color by saying repeating the rhyme and so forth. 

To make it easier when we were in the car you can give hints such as it is up ahead on the side of the road. 


Kids at the age of 3 can play if they know their colors .

Contributed by Tracy Hacker


I Spy is the same as above, but instead of the Bumble Bee rhyme, you simply say

I spy something with my little eye

and the color of it is red




Instead of giving the color, you can give the first letter of the name of the object



This is a game we played in the schoolyard in the 1960s. The rhyme was as much fun as the game. This is not at all like the I Spy listed above.

"It" starts the following rhyme, and the others answer:

It: I spy!

Us: Who do you spy?

It: A little girl!

Us: What color eyes?

It: Brown eyes (or whatever the color of eyes that It is trying to pick)

Us: What color hair?

It: Brown hair (or whatever...)

Us: What's her name?

It: Baby Jane!

Us: Tell the truth!

It: Baby Ruth!


It calls the real name of the person she picks. Both girls cross their arms in front of their chests. They stand on one foot and hop toward each other and "battle," crashing their crossed arms together. Whoever loses her balance first, having to put down her other foot to regain balance, becomes "it" and the rhyming starts again. We girls played it a lot--I don't ever remember boys playing it. (And the rhyme bears that out.)

Contributed by Rebbie - Thank you!

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