Little Sally Saucer

Little Sally Saucer was a game I remember playing with my friends as young as 4 or 5. All the children make a circle holding hands, except for "Sally" who stands in the middle, hands covering her eyes.

The circle spins around her as everyone sings:



Little Sally Saucer Sitting in the water

Cry, Sally, cry Hide your teary eyes

Turn to the east, and Turn to the west,

and Turn to the one that you like the best!

Sally may rub her eyes and pretend to cry at the appropriate parts of the song, eyes always remaining tightly shut.

When she turns to the east and west (any way, really) she points with one arm extended towards the kids circling around her.

When the song ends (on the word "best") the circle stops, Sally opens her eyes, and whoever Sally is pointing to is the new Sally Saucer"

Contributed by D'Arcy - Thank you!