Jump Rope Rhymes

There are probably as many of these rhymes as there are games!

Before I list all the skipping rope rhymes, I've started a new category for hand clapping games, which has been a popular request from you the viewers.  Please check out the following Clapping Rhymes/Games

You can also do Miss Mary Mack, I Had a Little Puppy, and several others as hand-clapping games.

OK, now here's the jump-rope rhymes:

3 Blind Mice
A My Name Is Alice
All In Together Girls
Apple Tart
Apples, Pears, Peaches, and Plums
Blue Bells, Cockle Shells
Bo Bo Skee Watan-Tatan
Cinderella 2
Coffee and Tea
Down by the River
Down in the Valley
Dum Dum Dodo
Dutch Girl Jump Rope Rhyme
Engine Engine Number 9
Fannie May
First Grade Peaches/Babies
Found a Peanut
George Washington
Had a Little Sportscar
I Had a Little Puppy
Ice Cream Soda
Jack be Nimble
Last Night and the Night Before
Lemon and Lime
Mabel Mabel
Miss Brown
Miss Mary Mack
Miss Susie
Not Last Night But the Night Before
Peel a Banana
Postman Jump Rope Rhyme
Queen Bee
Red Hot
Rich Man Poor Man Jump Rope Game
Strawberry Shortcake
Teddy Bear
Two Little Dickie Birds
Uno, dos-ee-ay-say
Vote Jump Rope Rhyme
Would You Marry Me?

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