Atchi Katchi

Atchi Katchi Liberatchi 

I love You 

Take a peach, take a pear, take the teachers underwear 

no more looks, no more looks, no more teachers dirty looks Olay. 

Contributed by Karla - Thank you!

Atchi Katchi Liberatchi
I love you
Take a peach, take a plum, take a piece of cherry/berry gum.
No more school, no more books, no more teacher's dirty looks. Yay!

Contributed by Beth - Thank you!



This is the beginning of Atchi Katchi...

Zing Zing Zing Innie Meenie Deca-meenie

oop bop bobalini atchi katchi liberachi....


Contributed by Deborah - Thank you!


Atchi Katchi Leverachi

I love you Oh baby yes I do

Take a peach take a plum

take a piece of bubble gum the gum

too sweet I want a piece of meat

the meat too tough I want to ride the bus

the bus to slow I want to ride a train

The train had a wreck and I broke my neck (the end)


Contributed by Mona - Thank you!



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