TV Game

You need at least 3 people to play.

One person is "it" (the caller). The players stand in a designated area (we used a front stoop) and the caller stands in front of them, facing them.

The caller decides on a TV show and tells the players the time, the day and the channel the show is on. If a player knows the TV show, he calls it out.

If the player is correct, the caller begins running and the player who guessed correctly chases after him. If the caller runs to a designated spot and back to the "stoop" without being tagged by the player, the caller remains the caller.

If the caller is tagged by the player, that player becomes the caller. If no one knows the TV show after being given the time, day and channel it is on, the caller continues giving clues about the show (main characters, if it is animated, etc.) until someone guesses it.

I knew times were changing when my friends and I taught the game to the younger kids in the neighborhood and they asked, "Wait, regular tv or cable?" when given the channel.

Contributed by Simona (US, Midwest) - Thank you!