A.K.A. Jailbreak

A.K.A. Black Horse Kick


Two teams (minimum of 3 people per team) played. First, to decide who would

go first, you had to "shoot" for it (i.e. Scissors, Rock, Paper...). The

team that won the shoot got to hide first. The other team members covered

their eyes and counted "60 Mississippis". Then they'd go and search for the

members of the other team.


When you captured a member of the other team, you took them to "jail" (one

member of the team searching had to act as a guard). 


Variation: [When one person found a member of the other team, they'd grab that person and while holding on to them said "Black Horse Kick and a Caw Caw Caw. If the other person didn't pull away while they were saying the phrase then that person who was grabbed would go to jail.]


The other team members who were in hiding had to attempt to free their team mates from jail. All

you had to do was to run up to the jail, tag it with your foot and scream

"Freedom" or "Alli, alli Instant Free". If the person who came into free

his or her teammates was getting caught by the person guarding jail, the

guard would scream "No chains can break these safety-locks" and that person

would get put in jail with his teammates. 


If he didn't get caught, and was able to tag the jail and scream "Freedom" or "Alli Alli Instant Free"--  Everyone in jail would make a run for it and try to hide again. Once all of

the team members were caught, the other team got to hide.


I loved that game. We would play for hours. I still remember some of my

better hiding spots! There were times when we had 10 kids on each team


Contributed by Cindy McLean-Richardson

Variation submitted by Maria Cinquanti

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