This game is from Ghana...

In Ghana, we have a lot of children's folk games. The game I would like to talk about is called  "Pilolo", in our country meaning  "Time to search for".
In this game about four people are needed including the timekeeper and the leader. This game normally takes place from 3:00 p. m. to 6:00 p. m. depending on any work will be done in the house.
Before the game starts, the timekeeper has to stand at the finishing place, that is the end point. The leader will also be with the other four to make sure that no one moves from where he or she is supposed to be.
The leader will hide sticks or stones in palm trees, in the sand and a whole lot of places. Then he will come and announce "Pilolo", while the timekeeper starts his watch .The person who is fast and able to reach there early for one of the hidden sticks and hurriedly runs to the end point is the winner of the game.
The game is repeated several times till they wish to stop. The results are tabulated to find out the final winner.
In fact, this game helps a lot in so many ways and is doing a lot for children in this country. The game helps children to healthy because it is a kind of exercise for the body. It helps them to physically fit, mentally alert and emotional sound.

Contributed by Harriet - Thank you!

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