Pom Pon

A.K.A. British Bulldog (to those in the North)

A.K.A. Fox and Geese

A.K.A. Chicken and the Fox

A.K.A. Red Rover


A.K.A. One Foot in the Gutter

A.K.A. Spider and Flies

A square or rectangular playing area is chosen and boundaries are set.

All players except the person who is "it" begin behind one of the boundaries. "It" goes to the middle of the playing area.


When everyone appears ready, "it" calls, "Pom pom!" That is the cue for everyone to leave their safety area behind the boundary and to run across the playing area to the other boundary. "It" tries to tag as many people as possible. If a player is tagged, s/he joins "it" in the middle to help. The game ends when all players have been tagged. The last player to get tagged becomes "it" for the next round.

Contributed by Sarah - Thank you!

In Australia, this same game is played under the name "Red Rover", but with these rules instead of the rules I have listed elsewhere.  Of course, the It person says "Red Rover, Red Rover, send _____ right over" instead of just "go".

It can also be called Fox and Geese, with IT being the Fox, and all other being Geese until they are caught.




"It" stands at one end of the playing field, everyone else at the other.

"It" chooses a category, eg fruits, cars, girls etc. The players huddle together and each nominate a name for themselves (eg watermelon, pineapple, guava etc). The elected spokesman then calls out all of the names to "It". "It" chooses one and turns it's back. The elected one sneaks up behind and writes "BP" on "It"'s back with his/her finger and runs back. The spokesman tells "It" when to turn around (when everyone is lined up again) and "It" tries to pick who wrote BP. If "It" guesses correctly the BPer starts running and "It" starts running and tries to catch the BPer . If the BPer gets to the other side everyone else runs too, and tries not to get caught. If "It" doesn't pick the BPer everyone runs and "It" tries to catch someone to be "It" next time around.

Contributed by Jodi of Australia - Thank you!


Spiders and Flies

This game was one that we played in gym class, and it really does need to be played with many children. 

There are boundaries where you are allowed to run, the space usually determined by how many children there are. In the middle of the space stand the "It" people, the spiders. In this instance, let's say that there are three spiders. They spread themselves out in a line across the running space. If the gaps are too large between the spiders, the space may need to be narrowed or more spiders chosen. Then the spiders remain stationary, swinging their arms out in all directions. 

The spiders yell, "We are the spiders." 

The Flies yell, "And we are the flies." 

"We're gonna get you!" 

"You just try!" 

So the flies run past the spiders, trying to avoid getting hit by the flailing arms. If they get caught, they have to stand in that spot and become a spider. The game repeats until there are only as many flies left as the original spiders. These flies become the new spiders. 

Another variation would be to create a web on the floor by using masking-tape. The spidres can then move, but only on the lines of tape, and cannot jump across from line to another, but follow until they get to a connection. This would probably be a much faster version, depending on how big and intricate the web is! (Which should be big since they don't want to bump into each other.)

Contributed by: Christine - Thank you!



(Similar to the basic game, except that you play on paths in the snow instead of just running across a field)

The game was (and is by my 6 & 9 yr olds) played outside just after a new snow. First you made snowtrails like a spiders web; a few circles and several radial lines. Two kids are the foxes. The rest are geese. The geese scatter out but must stay on the paths. The foxes then try to tag any of the geese, mostly by trapping them between the foxes. Both the geese and the foxes can run around, but all must follow the paths. Any who fall off a path are out. When a goose is tagged they are out. The last two geese alive become the foxes the next round.

Contributed by Don - Thank you!


Similar to the others except you have a base at each end, sort of like an end zone.  If you leave the base, you have to make it to the other one, unless someone is still at the base you left to tag you back in safe.  As each kid is caught, they too become it. The game is over when all have been tagged.  You are safe in your base at all times. The first person caught then becomes the new "it" for the next game.

Contributed by Kevin P. - Thank you!


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