Swat the Fly


[This tag variation comes from Alaska, which, if you don't know, has quite nasty bugs]


In the first variation, one person was "it" (the swatter). The

swatter had either a *very* light stick or our favorites, large

ferns or skunk cabbage leaves. (Ketchikan is in the Tongass rain

forest, so we had plenty of potential, safe, swatting material).

Everyone would be in a circle around the swatter. The swatter

would count "1,2,3 go" and everyone would run yelling "swat the

fly". If you were "swatted", you were out. The first one swatted

became the next swatter. The swatter continues to swat until he

gives up or can't catch anyone else. The swatter who swats the

most flies wins.


In the second variation, usually played with new, unsuspecting

kids, we reversed roles. "It" was the fly and everyone else had

swatters. "It" would count "1,2,3 go" and then run like heck!

Everyone would chase "it" until he was swatted. The last one to

swat "it" was the next fly.


We always used soft things as swatters so no one was hurt.


Contributed by Kathy Lea

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