Jungle Gym Tag

Jungle Gym Tag

Three to ten players (depending on how big the jungle gym is)  JG
Tag is Simple Tag confined to a Jungle Gym (ours had three slides, monkey
bars/rings, tire and rope nets, and several bridges, etc.).  The last
person to get on the equipment is IT; the ground is off limits; if you
walk/jump on the ground then you become IT - older kids could give 1 to 2
second leeway to smaller kids.  IT may not walk on the ground to get
to another player easier; a 5 second penalty shall be enforced in
such situations.  There are no tag-backs for 5 seconds.  Play continues
until your mom comes and tells you that you're grounded for a week, or
someone breaks an arm attempting to jump from the slide to the monkey

Contributed by Bryan - Thank you!

Monkey on Rocks is almost exactly like Jungle Gym tag, except for this game, the person who is it has to close there eyes.

It's a little dangerous if you've never played on the jungle gym before, but for those who are so familiar with their park that they can shut their eyes and still maneuver, it's exciting.

You need at least 3 players, but the more the better. The person who is "It" has to try to tag the people on the jungle gym with his/her eyes closed, but the other people in the game cannot go onto the ground. If the person who is "It" hears the rustle of feet on the ground, he yells, "MONKEY ON ROCKS!" If anyone is found on the ground, that person is now it. Otherwise, the first person to be tagged is "It".

Contributed by Courtney (US, Midwest) - Thank you!


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