The Wolf and The Easter Eggs

This game is usually played at Easter time, but could be played anytime. You play a game of "Who's It" and whoever is "it" has to be the Wolf. Everyone else is "Easter Eggs." The "Easter Eggs" get in a huddle and pick what color Easter egg they want to be. When everyone has picked his or her color they all turn around and line up facing the wolf from a agreed upon distance. Then the wolf starts to guess colors. If he guesses your color you have to step forward one step and spell out your color (if the color is yellow you have to spell out Y-E-L-L-O-W) before the wolf gets to you and tags you. Then you have to run around an (already mapped out) "Obstacle Course" before the wolf tags you and make it back to the "Basket" (or home base) with the rest of the eggs (but you can not leave the "Basket" to run until you spell out your color). If you make it back to the "basket" with the other eggs then you! huddle again and the one that ran chooses another color. The game goes on until the wolf tags someone, and that person is then it, or you could play it where you eliminate players as you go until one person is left, and that person is it. This is a game where kids have to think fast on there feet, and also teaches smaller kids how to spell their colors. Usually if there are smaller and bigger kids playing the bigger kids take the longer colors, and leave colors like "red" and "blue" to the littler kids.

Contributed by Susan - Thank you!

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