Bubble Gum

You had to have at least three people to play but an unlimited number could join in.

Everyone would gather in a tight circle and make a fist with both hands and hold their fists out in the center of the circle. I cant remember exactly how we chose who would be the counter (I think it was whoever was the bossiest at the moment!).[See Picking Who is IT] But anyway, the counter would take one of her fists and tap everyone's fists (including her own) as she said this rhyme: Bubble gum, Bubble gum, in a dish. How many pieces do you wish?

Who ever she taps last would give a number between 1 and 20. Then the counter would again tap everyone's fists as he/she counted to the specified number. Who ever she landed on had to take that fist out of the circle and place their hand behind their back. Then the counter would start all over again with the Bubble gum, Bubble gum....and repeat the process. Once both of your fists were tapped, you were out. And this went on until it narrowed it down to one-the winner. Now, a lot of times we used this to help us decide on certain issues-kinda like a fair way of voting on who would be leader for the day or something silly like that. Other times we just played it over and over again to see who won the most and was declared the champion of the day. It was fun and very simple to learn.

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Contributed by Glenda - Thank you!

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