Ghost in the Graveyard

A.K.A. Hit the Door (indoor)

A.K.A. The Witch Ain't Out Tonight (outdoor)

A.K.A. Bloody Murder (outdoor)

This game is usually played inside, and the emphasis is more on hiding than chasing.  The second and third variations are outdoor/night games

First you gather up at least 3 or more people. Then you find a base. Next you choose 1 person to be it. That person will stand on the base and 1:00, 2:00, 3:00 and keeps doing that until you get to 12:00. All other players hide while "It" counts.  On 12:00 yell out 'Midnight'. Then all the hiders try to run to the base before the person that is it catches you. Then if a person gets found then they are it.

For "Hit the Door" the base must be a door and you must hit it to be safe.

Contributed by Lauren - Thank you!


One person would be the ghost.


The rest of the group would stay on "base" and count " one o'clock, two o'clock, three o'clock, rock...'till you got to midnight (after every 3rd number say "rock").  Then go search for the ghost.  Whoever found the ghost yelled "ghost in the graveyard" and all the seekers out make a mad dash back to base. Whoever was tagged was the next ghost. It is best to play when it is early evening or dark.

Contributed by Patty - Thank you!


It MUST be played after dark, in the summer, preferably with some moonlight.

One person is selected to be the witch. (We preferred to use big potatoes!) The witch hides while the rest of the group counts to 100. At that point, the group goes forth singing over and over again "The witch ain't out tonight! The witch ain't out tonight!". We always had certain areas, such as around our house or through a particular small field, that had agreed upon parameters. Not that we knew what parameters meant, mind you! Whenever the witch feels like it, he/she bursts from hiding and catches as many of the chanters as possible while the rest run screaming for home. Once all are sorted out, the caught people are also witches and hide as before, continuing on until only one person is left unwitched. That person becomes the witch in the next round. The game is played until all participants are tired of singsonging the chant or until the parents cruelly force happy children to come inside and bathe.

Contributed by Melody - Thank you!


One person goes to hide and we count like this, One o'clock, Two O'clock, Three O'clock...until we get to Midnight(yelling this really loud ) then the would be victims go an search reluctantly for the "bloody
murderer". They search until someone shouts BLOODY MURDER !!! and they all run screaming bloody murder back to the base, the person caught is the next murderer.

Contributed by Jackie - Thank you!

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