Hide the Button

A.K.A. Button Button Who's Got the Button?

This game is normally played inside the house. It was a game taught to my sisters and I by the babysitter. The babysitter or whoever the group decides, will be first to hide the button. The rest of the group "the hunters" will go into another room or hide their heads on a couch so as not to see where the "Hider" is putting the button. Since the button is small, it is easy for the Hider to walk around the room pretending to be putting it one area, then placing it elsewhere. The Hunters are listening to the Hiders directional footsteps. After the button is hidden, the Hunters come out and start their search. The Hider will help the group with phrases such as: "Susie is getting warm,
warmer, hot!" "Billy is getting colder, cold, ice cold." Of course when one person is getting warmer the rest will normally all gather around that person. The person who finds the button is the new Hider. It's a great indoor game. Have Fun!!!

Contributed by Caryn - Thank you!

There are three variations I have seen:

One is played something like the 20 questions guessing game where the "it" asks questions to determine the person holding the button. 

A different form is the "it" simply guesses until he gets it right then a new "it" is chosen. 

(Circle Game variation)

The most often played form however is that the participants sit or stand in a circle facing in with "it" in the middle. The button is passed from hand to hand behind the backs of those in the circle. "It" then tries to guess where the button is and upon finding it takes his place in the circle. The person who was found with the button becomes the new "it"

Contributed by VP - Thank you!

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